Up for something a bit different?

Ever desperately wanted to get laid, only to realize that all of the female contacts in your phone are either cousins, exes, or the girl you booty called last weekend but were too drunk to get it up for?


Don’t despair. If you feel like you’ve seen all the porn the Internet has to offer, don’t want to leave the house for your local brothel, there are other, inanimate options to consider. They’re called “RealDolls™,” and they only cost about $6,000 a pop.


Think about it. You can create the perfect woman to last you a lifetime, without the fear that you may fall out of love or that she’ll find someone better and move on.


These lifelike, stupendously proportioned dolls are made entirely out of silicone for easy cleaning and to provide the feel of a “real woman.” You can buy your doll real hair and even get it styled to emphasize her cheeks…silicone.  Are you into World of Warcraft? your live-in lady friend can have pointed elf ears. Swing both ways? Your RealDoll™ can be a “Shemale,” with both male and female parts to satisfy you no matter your needs.


However, in spite of all the obvious upsides to having a girlfriend that doesn’t move, think, eat, or breath (no having to listen to them talk), most people are hesitant to approach the prospect of a silicone mate. I personally would find it creepy to have those lifeless eyes staring up at me while we’re getting it on, though I do suppose I could close the lids if that were the main issue. I guess if you just kept your doll around for those desperate times I mentioned earlier, it could be a fairly healthy relationship.


Of course all this is if you’re up for something different.


– Jessika

One Response to Up for something a bit different?

  1. Be4 says:

    Oh no who wants a doll, I love a warm girl, who likes not just sex, but can laught , smile and enjoy a good time.

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