Major Turnoffs for a girl

Whether you’re at a brothel or in your girlfriend’s bed, there are several things a man should never do to a woman during sex. The following moves will dry up a pussy faster than you can say “You ever seen one this big before?”


Firstly, getting physically pushed into sucking dick is subtle but may not be the best way to initiate a blowjob. Personally i find it’s way sexier to hear that breathy, almost helpless plea than to feel a hand pressing down hard on the back of my head. It takes me out of the moment and makes me feel like just a mouth, when in reality we have ears and a brain that can grasp human language, and a very sensitive neck that can feel when someone whispers against it…


An unwanted finger in the asshole is rarely appreciated, if a girl wants it, it’s fantastic. If you’re not suspecting it/not into ass play, it’s a distraction.

Bragging about the shape/length/girth of your penis at any point in the sex comes off as desperate. A simple, “You like my dick in your pussy?” or “You like how I feel inside of you?” That’s plenty. No one but you cares that you’re a little thicker in the shaft than you were at fifteen.


Dirty pubes are scary. Women avoid them at all costs. Just make sure your front parts smell significantly better than what’s going on in the back.


Don’t be boring. Forget missionary, let her get on top or between or let her ride cowgirl, as long you keep things fresh for her and occasionally let her take charge. Encourage the girl girl to let her inner freak out it’ll work out best—for both of you.



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