GLYDE HEALTH are official partners of one of the hottest sex parties in Australia! Providing condoms and lubricant for the playrooms and guests at Killing kittens parties.  You may all be familiar with Glyde health as they service the majority of brothels in Melbourne!

Glyde are the exclusive sponsors for Killing kittens parties in Melbourne, Sydney & Perth!


Why the unusual name you may ask? So says the populist myth, every time a woman “sins” by pleasuring herself, God, by way of divine retribution, kills a kitten. If this were true, the world’s feline population would be an endangered species.

Killing kittens has now become a byword for female masturbation, so what better name for a community who sole aim is the unwavering pursuit of female sexual pleasure?

Killing kittens gathers couples and women aged 18-55 for classy, intimate cocktail parties with a twist- in a safe & intimate environment. All members are screened to attend, ensuring a high calibre of guests. They also embrace the ethos of the women being in control. Play hard, but play safe!


GLYDE HEALTH is the perfect fit for these parties, as they are Australia’s #1 in sexual health. Their products are high quality (much like the party guests!) come in range of sizes and are perfectly matched by premium lubricant.



Come join the online international community of over 6000 guests!

1) Register at www.killingkittens.com. Select KK club membership (free or paying level- up to you)

2) Include photos of your gorgeous selves & affiliate code GEECHERRYKK when creating your account.  These 2 steps are essential to the vetting process.

3) Wait for head office to screen you.

4) You’ll receive an email when successfully vetted. You can then buy tickets!

Parties run every 2 months!  Sydney- October 29th

Melbourne Nov 26th- debut of Light fetish themed  “Torture Kittens”

Launch into Perth- Nov 26th



Questions can be directed to geeandcherry@killingkittens.com

Stay updated on facebook- https://www.facebook.com/KillingKittensAus/?fref=ts

Killing Kittens

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