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Glydehealth Brotheladvisor

Often our articles are written about the lighter side of sex, what a person is looking for when one decides to find an establishment or a type of fetish for example.
This article is a little different.

We visit a massage parlour, escort or brothel for our own reasons and without them the world would be a lot less interesting but there is a serious side that we are aware of and do our best not to think too much about.
This side is one of the workers.

These people put themselves at risk to satisfy a growing need and the risk they undertake is often life threatening.
The first line of defense for a sex worker and client alike is education and protection. Physical protection comes in the form of condoms or oral dams.

If you’re curious about what an oral dam is and I was when I started writing this article – it’s an extra thin sheet of latex 150mm x 100 mm designed specifically to be used to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections during oral sex.
Yes, you can get STI’s from oral sex and it has become extremely common.
GLYDE Health was the first and still has the only approved and registered oral dam, the SHEER GLYDE Dam.

So, a little more about GLYDE Health.

GLYDE Health is 100% Australian owned and is a manufacturer and distributer of sexual protection products likes lubricant, condoms and the aforementioned oral dams.
They work closely with the non-profit organisations like SWOP, Scarlet Alliance and all of the State AIDS Councils, at great expense to educate and assist the people that need it.

With distributers in America, New Zealand, Europe the Middle East and in Asia it’s a multinational company with a conscience.
In fact, GLYDE Health is so socially conscious they are approved by Peta and Peta are renowned for lofty requirements for their approval. Durex and Ansell aren’t, and are flagged for testing on Animals. Also GLYDE holds the imprimatur from the International Vegan Society just in case you were wondering…

I don’t know why, but I take large comfort in the knowledge that what I use to protect my penis hasn’t been tested on some poor creature somewhere.

GLYDE Health is also the only importer and distributor for the female health company’s non-latex FC2 Female condom, the Innova Quality SAS Company’s unique non latex male condom and Asha International’s Beppy Sponges.
If you work for an agency or parlor and want to get in touch with the team at GLYDE Health for more information the website is here. Alternatively you can email



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