A Gentlemen’s Guide to the perfect brothel.

I would like to describe myself as a brothel connoisseur and i am hoping this piece will find you guys well.

There are so many factors when choosing the right place for the night or during the day for a lunch time treat.

I thought i would share my thoughts on a good Brothel in Sydney.

In particular, i do enjoy the Asian brothels, i have found many hot spots for either a cheap getaway or a nice and classy establishment who will bend over backwards for you.

If you are looking for something cheap, you always need to remember the old saying “You get what you pay for” Most of these cheap brothels are located in the West and lets just say you get a bang for your buck.
These brothels nestled away in the West, are cheap, dirty but most importantly good value for money.
Customer service is not a high point for these places, so if your wanting to get your dick wet and needing to blow a load for cheap.. Head out to the west.
Most of these brothels in the west have a large assortment of your finest Asian cuisine, (Thai, Indonesian, Chinese and many many more to choose from).

For all you other punters who are classier and would love to spend quality money on a women for the afternoon, why not check out the gentlemen s club.

There are plenty of them located around Sydney, do your research, go to there websites and have a look the profile’s of the ladies you may wish to visit.

The gentlemen s club price varies from 175 per half an hour all the way up to $225, its safe to say you pay for quality you get quality.
These women who work at these high class places, love what they do and are here to please you in any way possible.

I myself am a big fan of the girlfriend experience, so I’ve stopped going to the cheap brothels in the west and have invested good money in going to Gentlemen s clubs.

There are many gentlemen clubs in Sydney that have a wide assortment of Asian women.

I’m hoping this guide for me to finding your perfect brothel finds you well.

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